The Writers’ Cafe was established in 2012, formed from the premise that writers needed a place to meet other writers, away from the distraction of home. Our workshops are quite unique, using ideas from science, myths and legends, divination and urban legends as inspiration for writing prompts.

The Writers’ Cafe Magazine launched on October 31st 2017.


“To find old sites, you must look in old dirt.” Jonathon O. Davies. Epigraph without citation in David Hurst Thomas, Archaeology 1998.

The Writers’ Cafe Magazine is open for submissions to poetry (up to 5 previously unpublished) and prose (Word count limit 1000), that adhere to the theme “Can you dig it?”(Archaeology). Please include a third person short bio. Send to Marie Lightman at marielouisebrooks@hotmail.co.uk by March 18th, for online publication on May 21st.